Action Matters. What will you do?

As you try to make the most of your time at Princeton, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. While being productive is important, it is equally important that you take the time to reflect and evaluate your goals and needs. Ignoring your own well-being for the sake of achieving your goals often leads to an unsustainable lifestyle.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself as you begin to reflect: 

  • What motivates me to do the things that I do everyday? 
  • What values do I want too display through my actions? What barriers get in the way of this goal? 
  • Whose definition of success have I adopted? Do I really agree with it? 

Healthy Choices

Being healthy is about daily choices. UMatter provides information and tools to help you make the best choices for yourself:

In addition, taking good care of yourself allows you to really be there for others. 

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