Environmental wellness involves considering the interactions between your environment, your community, and yourself. The environment includes not only the natural environment but also your social environment.

Learn about and use the available resources to improve the natural and social environment around you, and behave in a way that fosters a safe and healthy environment for others.

How to enhance your environmental wellness:

  • Create environments that support well-being at every opportunity (e.g., when you're hosting a party).
  • Call out disrespectful or harassing behaviors and comments that create a negative social environment.
  • Use the health, wellness and safety resources available to you (e.g., University Health Services, Department of Public Safety).
  • Practice environmentally conscious behaviors (e.g., recycling, energy conservation).
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On-Campus Resources

These resources are available to support your success and protect your health and safety at Princeton. They can also teach you how to contribute to others' lives and respect nature:

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