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Bystander Intervention Related Programs

UMatter has a variety of programs that teach bystander intervention skills. Review the list of programs below to see what best meets your groups’ needs. Then, just like in OA, accept the challenge to be challenged by requesting a program through the “Request a Program” button.

Respect Matters:


SHARE peer-facilitated workshop on bystander intervention to prevent interpersonal violence (1 hour)

Interpersonal Violence Prevention 101

SHARE professional staff-facilitated conversation on consent, bystander intervention and resources (20 minutes)

Connecting Matters:

Princeton Distress Awareness & Response (PDAR)

CPS counselor-facilitated trainings on how to recognize and respond to students in distress

Limits Matter:

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) – coming soon

A health promotion professional staff-facilitated workshop for groups designed to provide group members with the skills to minimize the negative consequences of alcohol use and intervene in alcohol-related emergencies