Physical Wellness

Physical wellness comes from making choices to avoid harmful habits and practice actions that support your physical body, health and safety.

It includes choices about physical activity, eating, sleeping, safer sex, getting medical care, and use of alcohol, other drugs and tobacco.

Take action to maintain your physical wellness:

  • Obtain prompt care for injuries and illnesses.
  • Practice good self-care consistently, like eating foods that fuel your body, moving your body regularly and getting enough sleep.
  • Practice behaviors that support your immune system and prevent illness (e.g., hand-washing, getting immunizations).
  • Take care of your sexual and reproductive health (e.g., using barrier methods during sexual activity, getting regular exams) 
  • Pay attention to and support your emotional wellness.
  • Limit your use of alcohol, if you choose to drink at all.
  • Avoid tobacco products and other drugs; take medications only as prescribed.

How is your physical wellness? Take a self-assessment!

On-Campus Resources

Use these resources to support you on your path towards enhanced physical wellness:

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