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Rooted and Grounded: Resources to Support Your Self-Care Journey

tools for caring for yourself

One Minute Stress Reduction

These one-minute stress strategies (including tension release and breathing exercises) are simple, and they can make a real difference in how you handle stress.

Stress Reduction Downloads

Free audio and video downloads designed to lower levels of stress, ease muscle tension, calm your mind, and direct your focus. You can easily use these to start your day, or as a respite between tasks or activities. These downloads are not intended to replace treatment or therapy, but rather as one of several stress management tools in your life.  

Midterms Stressbuster Tips

Princeton undergrads share how they handle stress during midterms.

Quiet Kit: Guided Meditation for Beginners can help you start meditation at your own pace. With audio guides of 2 - 10 minutes, you can select the best meditation length for you and slowly build your meditation skills.

Self-Compassion Resources

Videos and exercises to develop self-compassion. Self-compassion involves realizing and accepting our failings and our humanness through mindfulness.

Resiliency Resource

An article on fostering self-help skills that enhance your capacity to change your cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes.

Beginning Therapy

“The Most Introverted Sasha Fierce" is a podcast that addresses concerns regarding insurance, finding the right therapist, and continuing therapy in its first 15 minutes. A good resource for anyone who might have some questions about starting therapy.

ULifeline Self-Evaluator

Interested in a self-screening for common mental health conditions?  Check out this ULifeline Self-Evaluator.

Skills & Support for Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

Exercises and videos at that provide strategies and understanding to help those struggling with suicidal thoughts. These tools are useful to many people, regardless of mental health problems.  

Self-Care Mobile Apps

Mobile applications related to meditation, sleep, and mindfulness.

Mental Health Phone Apps