Limits Matter

When considering whether or not to drink or use other substances, it's important to understand the impacts on your well-being and the well-being of those around you. The information and strategies you will find on this website can help keep you safer and reduce harm should you or someone around you choose to drink alcohol.  

When it comes to alcohol, most people do set limits for themselves. For example, among Princeton undergraduates*:

Whether you choose to drink occasionally, regularly, or not at all, you’ll find helpful tips on these pages to reduce harm from alcohol:

Before deciding to drink, you should know the laws in effect where you are.  If you are in New Jersey, know that that New Jersey law (.pdf) and University policy generally prohibits the purchasing, serving, and consumption of alcohol by and to people under 21.

*According to the 2023 National College Health Assessment survey of Princeton undergraduates

**Defined as not drinking any alcohol in the previous 30 days