Respect Matters. How do you relate?

Humorous videos aside, it’s critically important that you know what consent is, learn how to ask for it , and make sure you have it every time you engage in sexual activity. Done well, asking for consent can be incredibly sexy.

In brief,

Consent is the voluntary, informed, uncoerced agreement through words and actions freely given, which a reasonable person would interpret as a willingness to participate in mutually agreed ­upon sex acts.

Consent cannot be given when an individual is:

  • Incapacitated due to alcohol and/or drugs (lacking cognitive ability to make or act on conscious decisions - falling down, passing out, vomiting)
  • Mentally or physically incapacitated
  • Underage (under 16 years old in New Jersey)

Read on! To really do consent well, most people need more than a brief definition. So let’s unpack this important concept.

How do I ask for it?

How do I know I have it?

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