Creating a Respectful Community

To create a community where disrespect and violence are not tolerated, try taking these steps:

  • Be an active bystander and step in when you see something unacceptable. Read through these Tips to Stop Interpersonal Violence for ideas. Listen to SHARE Peers' anecdotes of a time when they intervened. 
  • Check out the Healthy Relationships Wheel if you are unsure what respect and healthy relationships look like.
  • Be intentional when choosing your words so as to convey respect and be open to learning how to do it better.
  • Go to Action Matters to learn the 3 D's of bystander intervention and how to intervene effectively.
  • Call out/in disrespectful behavior and set a tone of respect for your community.
  • Choose not to laugh at a joke about a person’s social identity.
  • Show your support for people who have historically been oppressed by signing a petition, wearing a button, initiating conversations with friends so they know where you stand.
  • Walk away or excuse yourself from a situation to communicate your disagreement with what is happening.
  • Challenge people to be accountable by not letting them give excuses for harming others or saying harmful things.
  • Down vote hurtful social media comments or unfriend people who promote disrespectful views.
  • Join The MAVRIC Project and confront toxic masculinity messages that degrade, demean, or objectify women or feminine gender expression.
  • Bookmark UMatter Now for more tips and tricks to address unwanted sexual behaviors, whether it’s you or someone else that’s involved.