Dating "Bill of Rights"

At Princeton, we love our “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.” In fact, at Respect Matters we also have three R’s that we’d like to share: Relationship Rights and Responsibilities. In relationships, we have rights that must be respected and responsibilities that we have to fulfill.

Below are some rights and responsibilities for safe and respectful dating relationships:

Dating R&R

I have the right:

To ask for a date.

To refuse a date.

To suggest ideas for activities we can do on a date.

To refuse any activities.

To be heard.

To have my own feelings.

To have my feelings be respected.

To express my opinions and thoughts.

To speak without being interrupted.

To refuse to lend money.

To refuse affection.

To have “No” mean no.

I have the responsibility:

To determine my limits.

To respect the limits of others.

To communicate clearly and honestly.

To ask for help when I need it.

To be considerate, but not submissive or aggressive.