Hookup "Bill of Rights"

Hookups are relationships, too.  They may be "once and done" or a series over an extended period of time.  Because the term "hookup" means different things to different people, communication is as critical in a hookup as it is in a committed relationship. We’re all part of a community, and we believe that people should be treated with respect in EVERY interaction.

Below are some rights and responsibilities for safe and respectful hookups:

Hookup R&R

I have the right:

To choose who I am with and when.

To go only as far as I want sexually and then stop.

To verbalize what I want sexually.

To say “No” or “I don’t want to” if my partner wants to do something I don’t.

To ask and know if my partner has a sexually transmitted disease.

To have safe sex to prevent disease transmission or pregnancy.

To be true to my values and beliefs about sex and sexuality.

To have my values, beliefs, feelings, and limits respected by my partner.

To have my partner ask for and receive consent before and throughout a hookup.

To express my opinions about what I mean by “hooking up” instead of accepting others’ definitions.

To not be shamed publicly by my partner or others after I hookup.

I have the responsibility:

To ask my partner what they want to do sexually.

To listen for my partner’s answer before moving forward with my wants and needs.

To respect my partner’s values, beliefs, feelings, and sexual limits.

To stop when my partner tells me or gives me a sign that they are not comfortable with what is happening.

To be honest and forthcoming if I have a sexually transmittable disease or risk of pregnancy.

To communicate my preference for safe sex practices and have supplies available if needed.

To not spread rumors that could damage the reputation of my hookup partners.