UMatter Wellness Self-Assessment Use Request

The Wellness Self-Assessment is a tool created by Princeton University‚Äôs UMatter initiative. It is intended for individual level self-reflection and goal-setting. In its current form, it is not a validated tool and should not be used for research or diagnostic purposes. Permission for appropriate use is required.

To request using this tool with the above stipulations, please complete this form in its entirety and attach any additional information, as requested. If you have further questions, email [email protected].

Please allow adequate time (~2 weeks) for the review of your proposal. Upon review, you will be contacted with a decision or request for clarification.

General information
Intended Use
Do you intend to modify any of the tool's content/questions?
Specify which questions and intended changes
Will you be collecting responses from participants who use the tool?
Do you intend to publish your research?
Material Upload
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.
90 MB limit per form.
If UMatter is able to provide you the requested materials, are you willing to provide appropriate attribution?